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    30 November 2007

    The Northern Jura (2nd November)

    This was an extended Friday lunchtime ride. The weather was great and I had for ages been meaning to go to Reigoldswil to have a look at the bubble-lift, and the riding that can be accessed from there (as well as the other trails in the area).


    pines and limestone

    top of the Jura

    The scenery was, as ever, first class Jurassian vintage... the riding however, always seems to be a disappointment in this part of the world. What is marked or promised to be singletrack is invariably wide and/or chewed up, or if a section IS nice, then it's far too short. Maybe I'm just getting picky in my old age - it WAS still very nice to get out in the sun for a strenuous XC spin.



    impressive craggy outcrop


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